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Usage Terms & Conditions
​SPACE AVAILABLE asakusabashi

This is the terms and conditions concerning with the rental service of SPACE AVAILABLE Asakusabashi (known as “the Facility” below). Please follow all terms and condition. We reserve the rights to reject any future usage for violations. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation. 

(Purpose of usage)

Principally, the Facility should be used to musical classes, rehearsals, shooting, meeting, and gathering. Religious, political, law-violating, and immoral usages are strictly prohibited. 

(Time of usage)
Please follow the usage time as quoted in your advance application. Please be mindful that the usage time includes your preparation time and packing time before and after usage. Please start packing 5 minutes before the end of your usage time and return all equipment to their original locations. We will check all equipment and the Facility conditions before your exit. Please be cooperative and exit within your usage time.

(Move-in & move-out)
Principally, please use the stairs for move-in and move out. The elevator can only be used for transporting heavy objects, strollers, wheelchairs, or other special reasons. Please obtain our consent in advance. Also, be reminded that you would be charged for damages and uncleanliness caused in our elevator and public area.

Applicants are not allowed to transfer, sell, or rent the usage rights, including any portions of the rights, of the Facility to any third part. In the case when applicants violate the usage conditions and transfer, sell, or rent the usage rights to any third party, the rental service will be immediately terminated, and the applicant concerned are never allowed to enjoy our service again. Besides, in case of any damages caused, applicants are obliged to pay the full amount as compensation. 

We reserve the rights to terminate any usage even after approval of application or during your usage for the following reasons. In these cases, we are not obliged to any damages caused on the users. 
  (1)When the usage purpose obviously differs from the one quoted in application. 
  (2)When the information in application is found unreal. 
  (3)Undesirable behaviors that cause difficulties in our management.
  (4)Organization of events without necessary permissions/certificates.
  (5)Organization of events outside the Facilities without permission (shooting, public notification, distribution of printed matters, requesting public donation, selling activities, invitations, etc.) 
  (6)Violence, anti-social activities, and organization of events, sponsorship, or supporting activities of organizations from unknown sectors.
  (7)Usage of dangerous objects, or when any objects caused accidents, damage, or loss in our premise, rental area, and equipment. 
  (8)Usage of nails, hammer, saws on our notice area or interior, or usage of glue or tapes without permission. 
  (9)Production of noise, vibration, or unpleasant odor that cause or may cause disturbance to the surrounding. 
  (10)When the number of participants exceeds our accommodation and we consider that would bring about disturbance to others.
  (11)Unpermitted parking- at the entrance of our building, within the area of nearby buildings, roadside parking (including motorbikes and bicycles), etc.
  (12)When users refuse to follow instructions from our staff and violate these written terms and conditions.
  (13)When the usage cause nuisances to the operation and management of the Facility.
  (14)When all users of the group are under the age of 20.(children and teenagers should use our Facility under the supervision of guardians)
  (15)When users under the age of 20 drink alcohol, or any users smoke.(no smoking is allowed in the aera of Facility)
  (16)When the usage produces loud noises that exceed the range of our permission that disturb residents nearby.
  (17)Release of pictures or videos taken in the area of the Facilities (indoor and outdoor) in other media without our permission or unpermitted usage of the images in our website without our permission.

(Cancellation of usage approval)
We reserve the rights to cancel any usages when users violate our terms and conditions. In this case, we do not return any submitted usage fee.

(Cancellation of confirmed reservation)
Please be mindful that cancellation of confirmed reservation can only be done on our website to prevent unnecessary dispute. Cancellation through phone calls or emails are not accepted. Thank you very much for your understanding. 
We reserve the rights to reject any future applications when user refuses to pay cancellation fees.

Below please find our cancellation policies
  *From the application day to 2-day before usage: No cancellation fee
  *1-day before usage: 50% of the usage fee
  *Same day cancellat5ion: 100% of the usage fee


Example) when cancelling the reservation on 22nd August (Tue)
  No cancellation fee on /before 20th August (Sun) 
  Cancellation on 21st August (Mon)- 50% of the usage fee
  Cancellation on 22nd August (Tue)- 100% of the usage fee


(Payment of usage fee)
Usage fee should be paid when reservation is confirmed or after the usage.

(Disclaimers and compensation for damages)
 •We are not obliged to, under all circumstances, damages and losses on any exhibits and belonging or users (including valuables and personal belongings) 
 •We are not obliged to damages or termination of usages stemmed from natural calamities, instructions of governmental offices, or any other reasons not caused by our management. 
 •Users are obliged to pay the full amount for the damages or loss caused on the Facilities, including the premise, any equipment, tools, or rental objects.
 •Besides, users are obliged to pay the full amount for any damages stemmed from the violation of these terms and conditions.
 •When users request for compensation for damage or loss caused by our management, the upper limit would be the usage fee received from the applicants. Yet, we are not obliged to any compensation for loss of profits, benefits, or opportunities on the applicants.

(Safety measure)
 •No fire in the Facility. Matches, lighter, aroma pots, candles, and any other kinds of device with fire are strictly prohibited.
 •Please be mindful that your activity should be conducted with disaster and thief-prevention measures as the obligation of users. Besides, please make sure the person in charge is always present in the rental area.
 •For your own safety and that of others, please get familiar with the locations and usage of all emergency exits, disaster prevention equipment, 
 •Please understand that our staff may need to enter the rental area for safety or security needs.
 •No pets or animals except guardian dogs/animal.
 •We may ask you to move your objects and deceives, even during your usage, as a security measure. 
 •No dangerous items in the Facility. Please attain our advance permission for all notice board or information board- signage, directions, promotional displays, etc. We will show you the locations for putting those objects.
 •We reserve the rights to remove any unpermitted displays or displays not in designated locations immediately.

(After usage)
 •Please return all equipment to their original locations after usage.
 •Users are obliged to pay the full amount for any damages, loss, and related fee to restore any equipment to their original status, including the actual fee and time cost. It applied to the premise, equipment, rental objects of the Facility.
 •Please bring away all trash, decorations, and any materials remained in your activities. Please do not leave any trash in the Facility.

(As of Mar/2020)

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